Thursday, February 20, 2014

in this season

I have noticed over the last few years my season of being a mother, wife, friend has shifted. When I first got married at the young age of 21, I was all about a sparkly clean house all the time {you could eat off the floor if you wanted, and, we may or may not have eaten a pie that fell on it once}, supper was always on the table when the hubs walked in the door, and I made an effort to keep in contact with our friends regularly. I felt like I was ahead of the game and I knew what to do. It was a good positive season in my life, but it was a season.

When Zachary came along and now Simmons #4 my seasons have slowly shifted. I am lucky if I get the house picked up before bedtime, {heck, the dishes are still in the sink from dinner last night}, rarely is dinner ready before hubs gets home, usually he has to pitch in and help, and I am terrible at responding to messages and phone calls. I tend to get discouraged because I remember my old habits and self and just can't get back to that season, I put myself down because I use to be able too.

But, then I remember, I am in a different season of life, my family is too. We have moved on from our small town house and we always have a child at home-soon 2 {C and G go to their mom's most weekends}. I am so grateful for this season, I am truly learning to be more relaxed when things do not go my way {they way the are suppose to go}, the hubs and my relationship is strong and secure and my boys are going to have a heart for our Heavenly Father. We are happy and filled with love. There are moments when my house is spotless and the fridge is full and I cherish it because I know soon as the bigs get home it won't last. But, that is ok!
I shared this on my IG account, I felt accomplished this particular day.
 My house was clean, the fridge was full and Z was happy.


Most days our house looks like this, toys everywhere, dirty dishes and clothes strung
 across the house and that is o.k.
 We are happy, safe and having fun!