Friday, May 31, 2013

Gabe graduates preschool

My 'baby Gabey' graduated preschool recently and I have to tell you it was a bitter sweet moment for this mommy.  On one aspect I was EXTREMELY happy and proud of him for working sooo hard and doing his best! And, I feel completely confident that he is ready to rock kindergarten and beyond:)

But, on the other hand I am completely saddened that my baby is now officially a school aged child! Although, I don't remember bringing him home from the hospital or the sleepless nights,  I do remember his first few words, teaching him "look up, look up to Jesus"as he took a bath, staying up and rocking him while he had Swine flu, his first haircut, him calling me Mom--my {all time favorite}memory! I truly belive family isn't blood it is LOVE!!! And, we have plenty of that!!

Gabe was my first expirence at having a baby and let me tell you I am glad he is tough because learning how to be a mom was HARD! I am sure I failed many timess but I am positive he doesn't mind! I love him and all his tall tales he has to tell!

Just a few of my favorite things about Gabriel would be:
--his stories
--his ability to make ANYTHING into a song
--his desire for knowledge {he is always asking "why" and although it can be very is making him SOOO smart!}
--his amazing sense of humor!
goodness this list could go on and on and on!!!!!

And, on to kindergarten we go! We are SOOO very proud of you Gabriel!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

things I love thursday

Happy Thursday all! This things I love Thursday is in honor of our dear Zachary! His brothers are at their mom's this week so it is all about the boo!
Enjoying our first swim of the summer!
ready, set, go!

Watching Zachary trying to be just like daddy! Daddy is his role model {and, I wouldn't want it any other way!!!} Melts.My.Heart!
Baby butts in the air as they nap!

See ya' next Thursday!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

commanding JOY

Good Morning! So, yesterday Zachary and I spent 2 hours in line trying to get the ole' car re-tagged. We got to the DMV and they looked for a good half hour trying to find our personal property tax records and came up that we were not even in the system. So, then, we drove to the County Administrative Office were we waited in line for another 45 minutes. When we got up there I explained the situation and was informed I never confirmed our moving to the county 2 years ago! Opps! So, getting that all straightened out {45 minutes and 800 dollars later} we drive back to the DMV and wait another 30 minutes then it is OUR turn! 15 minutes later we are walking out with our plates re-tagged for 2 years! Hallelujah!

One can look at this 2 ways: Way 1: 2 hours in line with a 2 year old dealing with rude receptionists and impatient, ignorant people in front and behind you. Being fined $150 for late taxes when you weren't even in the system.{ugh}And, the cherry on top of the cake $800 dollars outta your checkbook, forever. OR Way 2: 2 hours getting to spend holding hands with your child while people complement him for being so GOOD and CUTE! {as if I didn't already know these things;)} $800 is a lot of money but at least I had it and I have transportation to be taxed on.

God doesn't give us the chose if you want to be a Debbie downer and always look at the negative, that is fine as long as you tithe and do your church thing; NO, he commands us to chose JOY and rejoice in him in every situation! Philippians 4:4 "Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again; Rejoice!"

God longs for us to have joy and have it in it's full measure; John 15:11 "...MY joy may be in you and that your joy may be complete" Joy is part of who God is, we are to be like Him and bare his fruits.  John 17:13 "I am coming to you now, but I say these things while I am still in the world, so that they may have the full measure of my joy with them" Jesus let his disciples see him praying and having fellowship with His Father so that we could see the full extent of his contentment and joy.

Joy is a conscious decision to look at the situation and see the good even when the bad is shining through; hence my car situation yesterday. It is having a grateful outlook and positive perspective.

 Happiness and Joy can often be confused as one thing but are completely different. Happiness comes through positive circumstances {new job, raise, finding money in your coat pocket, having a baby} and, joy is the chose to see the positive {flat tire but thank God we have a spare}. God does want us to experience happiness, which, is why I think he gives us these happy situations. We are his children and he wants nothing more than us to experience he full blessings upon our lives. And, with these blessings comes happiness!

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 "Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstance; for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus." <---my favorite!

So, with this I am Cindy Simmons and I am choosing joy.

Pastor Mike {our amazing pastor} gave a sermon Sunday about how God commands us to be joyful and I found it super awesome so this is my reflections on it!

Saturday, May 18, 2013


A little update on our puppy raising adventure!

O.k. I was a little sceptic about this whole puppy adventure, but, he is coming around to me. {alrighty, I am head over heels in love}

Duke is sleeping all night in his kennel with NO accidents {hallelujah!} and he is eating like it is going outta style! Duke is also calming down with the kids {the first couple days I wasn't sure we were going to make it without duking it out} but, I think he is learning just because they move doesn't mean pounce on them!!
Zachary calls him 'Dukie" and "his doggie"
pure love...on both parts

He loves playing outside and in the water! And, passing out on the kitchen floor...usually after dumping his water bowl out!

Friday, May 17, 2013

things I love thursday (a day late)

It's another "things I love Thursday" {a day late but NOT a dollar short:)}<---too cheesy!!!

My family picture wall is one of my happy places
 I love the progression of the kids and I am trying to keep one from every stage! I also notice that then they are being royal pains less than stellar I go to the wall and remember that they are learning and growing! {not saying it always helps but sometimes}
 love this Method cleaner and my domestic side
that I got a picture with ALL of my kids in it!
Thursday Gabriel graduated preschool, so, that meant Mom got a family photo!!!
{my thoughts on Gabe graduating will be out next week}

Thursday, May 9, 2013

things I love thursday

Hey, it's me again! With another things I love Thursday:) I promise to TRY and be more consistent in my blogging efforts!

my window seal of happiness! The fresh flowers {notices the adorable vase Gabe made me at "Mom and Me day?!}

my adorable boys all fresh out of bed snuggling on the couch! How cute are they?! I know...cutest kids EVER!!! {not bias at all either!}

our dog Duke; our dog Bandit
and,getting to be a mom to these 3 boys!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Liebster Award

I was recently nominated for the Liebster Award by the beautifully, talented Beth, over at Becoming a Virtuous Woman, so happy! I am very excited to be nominated and thank you, Beth for this opportunity!
Here is what Beth defined the Liester Award as:  {she explained it much better than I could have...heck, I'd never heard of it until she nominated me:)}

What is a Liebster Award?
The Liebster award is not an actual paper award or trophy of any kind. It’s a kind of chain award that is given by anyone to anyone deemed worthy. Here are few things about it:
  • The Liebster Award is given to up-and-coming blogs of less than 200 followers.
  • It is a blogger to blogger award, you  nominate 5 bloggers with less than 200 readers, “liebster” is "dearest" in German.
  • It’s quite an honor to be chosen by another blogger for this award! 
  • It’s also another way for bloggers to get themselves “out there” and to meet other bloggers.

What do you do?
Write a post about it including the following:

  • Answer the 11 questions posted by the nominator on her blog.
  • Give 11 facts about yourself.
  • Nominate 5-11 other new up and coming bloggers with less than 200 followers.
  • Make up 11 more questions to pass on to the bloggers that you choose to nominate.
  • Thank your nominator in your post with a link back to her blog.
  • Upon your post going live, contact your nominees about your nomination for them.
My nomination questions:
  1. Why and when did you begin blogging? I originally began blogging around a year ago and my intentions were to blog DIY's around the house, however, I found it to be too stressful and I just wasn't ready to blog nor did I have enough stuff to DIY! So, I stopped and started back up about 2 months ago and I am blogging about raising my boys and the things of life.
  2. What is your best blogging tip? Since, I have very little blogging experience this is a hard one but I am going on a limb and saying consistency {do as I say, not as I do;)}
  3. What is your biggest accomplishment? I would say  it is having Zachary and raising him to love God with all his heart, soul, and mind.
  4. What do you do in your free time? Haha, free time! I forgot what that is! But, every 1st and 3rd weekend of the month the hubs and I do get a date night and I enjoy spending time with him, just us connecting!
  5. How did you meet your husband/significant other? I met my hubby on Eharmony in July of 2009 and by December of 2009 we were married:)  We first met in person at Ruby Tuesdays in Litchfield {halfway point between our houses at the time}
  6. What books have you read recently? I am working on being more conscious and consistent in my bible reading so when I do read I try and grab the bible!
  7. What is something that you have learned recently? I've learned I need to be more intentional in my tone of voice and actions. That even if I am not intending for them to be hurtful they can, so, I need to filter my voice and actions for frequently!
  8. What is something you want to learn? I really want to learn how to cut in when painting! {I know, silly but I think it would be awesome to make great cut ins!}
  9. What is your favorite food? Hands down fresh salsa! {when I was pregnant I could easily go through 6 jars a week my record was 11!!}
  10. How is your typical Friday night spent? My step boys go to their mom's most Friday nights so usually we have supper at home and then play games until they leave...sometimes after they leave little man, daddy and mommy go for frozen yogurt but most times we just snuggle up for movies!
  11. Who are your blogger "inspirations?" the ones I look most forward to reading are: A Joyful Noise, House of Rose, House of Smith's, and Thrifty Decor Chick

  1. I love coffee.
  2. Once I get up to go to the bathroom I am up I can't seem to just lay back down and go to sleep again.
  3. I love being a stay at home mom, like it is my pride and joy to watch my kids develop into their amazing selves every day!
  4. I have the ultimate sweet tooth, yet have never had a cavity {knock on wood}
  5. My hubs in technically a genius and at times I feel very small because he knows SO much and I have to Google everything!
  6. I became a believer in Jesus Christ in November of 2009 {still learning what all this means but my heart is for Him}
  7. I desire to be an ultrasound tech once I get the little ones all in school
  8. I do not like exercising, like at all, but, I NEED too!
  9. The hubs and I are now on Weight Watchers and making it a "lifestyle" not a "diet"!
  10. I despise dirt and hair on my kitchen floor, yes, I mop the floor on my hands and needs around 4 times a day!
  11. I do not like doing laundry. I don't like it so much that at times we've had 11-15 loads to catch up on! SAHM fail right there!!

Now my nominations go to:

Kaysi @ A Joyful Noise

Ashley@ My Nesting Instincts

Kara @ Karaful Thoughts

Victoria @ You & Me + the Dog

Blake @ Journey to Indochina

  1. What inspired you to start blogging?
  2. What  is your greatest life achievement {so far}?
  3. What is your favorite childhood memory?
  4. How did you meet your significant other?
  5. What if the most challenging thing you've had to accomplish? How did you do it?
  6. Favorite book ever read?
  7. How do you do your part in keeping the earth green?
  8. What are your favorite blogs to keep up with?
  9. What is your favorite dessert?
  10. What is your favorite quote?
  11. Where would you love to vacation if money wasn't a factor?
Thank you again Beth for your nomination!

Monday, May 6, 2013

our dog Duke

Meet our dog Duke

cute right?!?!
Well, let me tell you about this business, we said we would N.E.V.E.R. get a PUPPY for 2 reasons: 1) potty training 2) chewing and, guess what Duke is 2 months old and NOT potty trained and is trying to CHEW on EVERYTHING!!!

We casually walked into a pet store to just LOOK at the puppies on our date and an hour and a half later we walk out with our adorable pure breed chocolate lab. Duke is super cute, cuddly and huge! 2 and half months and already eating 2 cups of food a day! LORD HELP US!!!

The hubs has 'always' dreamed of a chocolate lab and we seem to never find the right one; when he saw Duke his heart was sold and soooo was our pocket book! The reasonable side of me was like 'girl, you do NOT need another dog let alone a puppy, YOU'LL be the one potty training, getting up at night, and feeding him' the husband pleasing side of me was like 'oh gosh, look how cute the hubs is with him, he is a GREAT Father's day present, it's what he's always wanted go ahead, say yes' obviously the hubs pleasing side one!


So, join me as I train my toddler and the puppy to use the appropriate area to potty, teach then not to chew/bite things, and to listen!