Wednesday, July 31, 2013

delicious guacamole

hello, the blog has been a bit quite lately {sorry} but I am working up a couple exciting posts and mini series! Check back within the next couple weeks!!

Now, for the good part! Ready for a super easy, amazingly delicious recipe the entire family will ask for?...homemade guacamole!

2 avocados {or as many as you want}
1/2 lemon{if more than 2 avocados use 1}
1/2 tsp. garlic salt
1/2 tomato chopped {if using more than 2 avocados use 1}


smash 2 avocados in a medium bowl: I like to let my kiddos do this {I can cut up my tomato and lemon while they mash...and they love doing it!}
add the lemon and tomato

don't forget the garlic salt!
I love pairing this with some grilled BBQ chicken and cilantro lime rice for my famous BBQ lime wraps!!! DELICIOUS!! {yes, I just cap locked screamed that!}

Monday, July 22, 2013

Simmons Family Vacation 2013

Wow! What an awesome, fun-filled vacation we had this past week! The kids thoroughly enjoyed having all of dad's attention {they guessed mom's wasn't so bad either!} With Daddy going to school and having to work it is so great when we get him to ourselves especially when it is for 5 days!!!

my adorable {and handsome} boys!
Our family when to Branson, MO for a full week of fun; we went to White Water, Silver Dollar City, Cirque Montage, and The Track. We tried to do something really exciting and special every day so we weren't overloading but we also were busy every day! I highly recommend all of these events!

So, I will now over load this post with pictures from Simmons Family Vacation 2013 :)

waiting for the circus, with colored popcorn of course!

funny thing, Zachary painted himself with stamp ink to look like "Hook"

 some cute little guys I got!

 water park here we come
  Silver Dollar City


Thursday, July 18, 2013

things I love thursday

Happy Thursday! We are busy unpacking and getting back to "normal" around here after a super, fun-filled week on vacation! {post to follow soon} TILT is in honor of Simmons Family Vacation 2013!

loving family time galore!
behind the camera {always seems to happen}

being called up on stage;)

excitement and joy {it makes all the planning, money, stress and time so worth it! my kids loved vaca and repeated over and over how much fun they were having and a few "this is the best evers"}
oh, ice cream parlor you make my kids so happy


Anyone have a fun family trip planned this year? Or already been on one? So excited to hear about your trip too!!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

vacation packs

Happy Saturday! We should be around halfway to our vacation destination about now {hopefully!}:) Talk about some excited little ones I had to put to bed last and re-put to bed {Gabe: I went to sleep I thought it was much longer, Mom? Me: Well, it has been 30 minutes since the last time you've asked!}

As we were getting ready for vacation I decided it would be a good idea to put together a travel bag for each kid {with a specific color for each avoid any fights} lets hope!
In each basket {which I picked up at the dollar tree} I filled with age appropriate {but still similar} items. They contain: flash cards, work books, reading material, pencil, paper and stickers, etch and sketch, and some other items! I got all of this for around 10 buckaroos! granted the Jake "ds" and shades were already on hand
This was a super easy and fun project for vacation! And, the kids are so excited to get to use all the fun things in their baskets! I hope this gives inspiration to your next vacation or traveling! I know we are definitely going to do these again.

Friday, July 12, 2013

things I love thursday

{apparently, I did not get my schedule date here is things I love Thursday a day late!} Happy, Happy Thursday! Ready for another things I love Thursday? There are soo many this week and man it was hard to pick my favorite!

our new floors are really coming together and oh boy I am thoroughly loving them!! {blog post to follow soon with before and after's}
my sweet sleeping baby on "his chair"
spending some quality time with my boys and enjoying the moments with them!

and, the tooth fairy coming to visit!

porch cuties!

Happy Friday!  Just wanted to share a quick update on our front porch. Our house has a super small front porch and I've just seemed to always ignore it {minus a wreath here and there}

So, while strolling the clearance area at kohl's {with Kohls cash burning a hole in my pocket} I found these cuties

and then this adorable beaut here too Obviously, it was destiny!

The boys and I hit Lowe's up for some discount flowers and I decided to forgo a wreath. {for now}

And, we ended up with our porch looking like this {I just love how the monster car got in the mix...boy mom}

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Already mid-JULY! crazy how time flies when you are getting older! {not that I am old or anything} I am back in full blogging swing after a few weeks of bloggy vaca! Be prepared for posts overload !

Duke is doing awesome! cuteness:)

We are really getting somewhere on the potty training! {finally}

He is growing like a weed! He is practically as big as Bandit and still growing!

Chewing and playing are still his favorite pastimes, along with snuggling up on the sofa {too cute, right?}

Zachary is taking claim of him and calls him his "baby"
All snuggled up in the middle of the kiddos!