Monday, May 6, 2013

our dog Duke

Meet our dog Duke

cute right?!?!
Well, let me tell you about this business, we said we would N.E.V.E.R. get a PUPPY for 2 reasons: 1) potty training 2) chewing and, guess what Duke is 2 months old and NOT potty trained and is trying to CHEW on EVERYTHING!!!

We casually walked into a pet store to just LOOK at the puppies on our date and an hour and a half later we walk out with our adorable pure breed chocolate lab. Duke is super cute, cuddly and huge! 2 and half months and already eating 2 cups of food a day! LORD HELP US!!!

The hubs has 'always' dreamed of a chocolate lab and we seem to never find the right one; when he saw Duke his heart was sold and soooo was our pocket book! The reasonable side of me was like 'girl, you do NOT need another dog let alone a puppy, YOU'LL be the one potty training, getting up at night, and feeding him' the husband pleasing side of me was like 'oh gosh, look how cute the hubs is with him, he is a GREAT Father's day present, it's what he's always wanted go ahead, say yes' obviously the hubs pleasing side one!


So, join me as I train my toddler and the puppy to use the appropriate area to potty, teach then not to chew/bite things, and to listen!


  1. I just love Labs!! They are such a gentle dog. My family has a yellow half lab/half shepherd and he's the best dog ever. We want a dog...but that will wait until we get a house. :) Good luck!! I hope it all goes well!

    1. Oh, and I nominated you for the Liebster Award! Check it out here:

    2. He is sooo cute! My hubs loves him and the kids are head over heels!:) What kind of dog are you thinking about getting?

      Thanks for the nomination! I'll check it out!!

    3. Well, I've always liked labs. They are such gentle dogs...but we have a few years before we even start to look. :)