Friday, May 31, 2013

Gabe graduates preschool

My 'baby Gabey' graduated preschool recently and I have to tell you it was a bitter sweet moment for this mommy.  On one aspect I was EXTREMELY happy and proud of him for working sooo hard and doing his best! And, I feel completely confident that he is ready to rock kindergarten and beyond:)

But, on the other hand I am completely saddened that my baby is now officially a school aged child! Although, I don't remember bringing him home from the hospital or the sleepless nights,  I do remember his first few words, teaching him "look up, look up to Jesus"as he took a bath, staying up and rocking him while he had Swine flu, his first haircut, him calling me Mom--my {all time favorite}memory! I truly belive family isn't blood it is LOVE!!! And, we have plenty of that!!

Gabe was my first expirence at having a baby and let me tell you I am glad he is tough because learning how to be a mom was HARD! I am sure I failed many timess but I am positive he doesn't mind! I love him and all his tall tales he has to tell!

Just a few of my favorite things about Gabriel would be:
--his stories
--his ability to make ANYTHING into a song
--his desire for knowledge {he is always asking "why" and although it can be very is making him SOOO smart!}
--his amazing sense of humor!
goodness this list could go on and on and on!!!!!

And, on to kindergarten we go! We are SOOO very proud of you Gabriel!

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