Saturday, July 13, 2013

vacation packs

Happy Saturday! We should be around halfway to our vacation destination about now {hopefully!}:) Talk about some excited little ones I had to put to bed last and re-put to bed {Gabe: I went to sleep I thought it was much longer, Mom? Me: Well, it has been 30 minutes since the last time you've asked!}

As we were getting ready for vacation I decided it would be a good idea to put together a travel bag for each kid {with a specific color for each avoid any fights} lets hope!
In each basket {which I picked up at the dollar tree} I filled with age appropriate {but still similar} items. They contain: flash cards, work books, reading material, pencil, paper and stickers, etch and sketch, and some other items! I got all of this for around 10 buckaroos! granted the Jake "ds" and shades were already on hand
This was a super easy and fun project for vacation! And, the kids are so excited to get to use all the fun things in their baskets! I hope this gives inspiration to your next vacation or traveling! I know we are definitely going to do these again.

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