Wednesday, May 7, 2014

baby prepping

Over half way through {we hope}!
This week marks 21 weeks pregnant with  little baby Logan Wesley.

isn't this one of the sweetest profiles you've ever laid eyes on?!?

 Littlest man is now weighing in at 14 ounces and is all cuteness! He sure didn't want his picture taken at our ultrasound but mommy got a few great ones!

you talking about me mom?!?

Maw Maw, little man and I had fun shopping for "Logie" Saturday, he made out like a bandit! Spoiled too much and he isn't even here yet! {and, shouldn't be any other way}
I have officially started the baby prepping this past week for littlest man! I sorted my hand-me-downs, cleaned all my bottles, and started working on the closet for baby! This week I want to sort his socks, shoes and coats by size and all that goodness and thrift some d├ęcor for his side of the room!

My body is changing lately too, it is getting a lot more uncomfortable to bend forward, my stretch marks are starting to look like a map of rivers, and the "butterfly" kicks are getting a lot more frequent! I love when the kicks are still light and I can't feel a rib cracking with every stretch and move!

too bad the cleaning bug hasn't kicked in yet;) I know hubs will appreciate when it does!

All of the boys are getting more anxious for their baby to enter the world, 9 months feels like FOREVER to a 6 year old!

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