Thursday, May 8, 2014

main floor updates

Welcome, don't forget to take your shoes off at the door:) {unless you are hubs, he never remembers}

Home to me is comfort, a place to bond, relax and make memories. My goal is that our boys always feel safe, comforted and enjoy being at home. I have such fond memories of the home my momma created and I hope that they grow up with them as well!

Here is a few of the updates we've done since we moved in. We {and by "we" I mean hubs}, added a built in bookshelf, installed laminate flooring and painted the main floor and most of the upstairs<---I actually did this one, with the help of my awesome daddy.

The formal dining room got turned into hubs book room and my office! The site lines are perfect for viewing the little man while I do homework.

 Our entry wall is a display of my heart, my boys. I also have an heirloom piece from my Nanny, I promise mom and dad I won't paint it!
Down the hall is the rectangle of the home:) our family room, eat-in, and kitchen are all in the back part of our house and is prefect for entertaining and watching the kiddos while I cook/work. We definitely spend most of our time here!
and from a different view;)

The improving the backyard has really expanded our living space and most evenings we play games, roast marshmallows or splash in the plastic pool. Our hope is to update the play set over the summer but for now we are enjoy the finished patio and updated garden! 
Our home, my heart

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