Friday, April 19, 2013

be still by heart

at times I wish I could just freeze time. It feels like it is going in super speed and I fear I am going to miss something in Zachary's childhood.

like how he butterfly kisses or grasps my hand, or says "Scooby, Scooby where are youuuuuuuu?" or "me come please" or snuggles up in bed with me every night. I feel like when he was a baby all I wanted was for him to learn to crawl, say "mama", sit up, walk, hold his bottle and now that he is in full toddlerhood all I want is for him to stay little!

My heart is completely filled with love for him and when I look at him I just fall in love all over again! I would give up anything to make Zachary's life better or keep him safe and I never knew that kind of selflessness before him.. I love how God gives us children so we can see how he loves us.

the first time I held my little baby

 be still my heart. embraces the love. enjoy each stage of life.

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