Sunday, March 24, 2013

The "Mom" bag

My boys joke because I seem to have everything in my bag, but hey, we usually have what we need. I figured I would share with you how I keep the black hole everything but the kitchen sink my purse organized and easily accessible.

I use my purse as a diaper bag and purse so when I chose it I made sure it had adequate storage and large enough for my needs, yet, still adorable and not 'diaper baggy'...I've had a diaper bag for 3 years and was ready for a new bag.
Scored this beauty for $20.00 with a coupon and gift card leftover!! May I get an amen?!?

Everything in my bag

I put all of our medicine, Band-Aids, female products, first aid and other "medically items" in an old plastic makeup bag. I found this keeps them from getting lost, overwhelming the bag and keeps them hid quite nice!

I place that in one side of my bag along with a spare sippy and squeezable jello. I have a detachable wallet that I put my cash, debit card and drivers license in. This makes it so easy for grab and go and not having to thumb through my wallet for it.
One the other side is my changing pad, pull ups, boogie wipes, and wipes. I also stick on that side the monkey's butt and lotion. {Side note: I won't be needing the changing pad and pull ups much longer... Zachary has gone 4 days with NO wet diapers:(}
And, in the center I keep the calendar, medical cards, and my big ole' wallet.

Here is the bag all filled up and organized. I just love when I know exactly where what I am looking for is. I feel it gives a sense of confidence and self-worth.
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