Monday, March 25, 2013

welcome home

Welcome, don't forget to take your shoes off at the door:)

My home is lived in, comfy, and usually has toys scattered up and down the stairs. It is, by no stretch of the imagination a show home, elegantly decorated, or even 'guest' ready, but, it is filled with love and "mom". I pray nothing ever happens to me ,but, if something did I want my kids to still feel my presence in each corner of the house. Most every room has something I created, repurposed, or put my love into. It is by far my favorite place on earth. My family is here and we are creating so many family memories here!

When your walk into the door to the right is our "formal" dining room, but, lets face it we are not formal people so we have no need for it. So, we turned this space into a play room/office and I love it! Many days the kids bring their bean bags down and read books while I work on bills or paperwork. I love how this room functions as more living space and we utilize it every day, unlike, if it was a dining room and we only used it 3 times a year.

 Our hall is filled with pictures of my boys as they are growing!

Down the hall is our family room, eat-in, and kitchen. This rectangle is the heart of the home. We spend most of our days playing with toys, watching T.V., and crafting in here.  My goal for this space to be comfy, warm, and a bit eclectic.

 (Di1sclaimer: we have full intentions of staining the T.V. stand and fish tank the same awesome cherry color our toy chest is...just not today)

As you go up the stairs you'll notice my favorite wall in the entire house THE ART WALL. It is so happy and cheerful and full of imagination. The kids love to create masterpieces to go on here! Love it!

The hubs office is in our loft area but we have plans to eventually turn this into a fun hangout for the boys.
sorry for the TERRIBLE lighting...13 inches of snow make for a heck of a glare!!!

Caleb definitely has the pre teen feel to his room and isn't fond of Mom decorating it. He would rather do it himself. He truly his coming into his own style and personality. Proud Mommy alert :)

I want our master bedroom to feel like a relaxing oasis, an escape from the long day, and a calm haven. I am slowly turning it into that. I've added touches a blues, lavenders, and warm yellows.

Gabriel is all about cars and dinosaurs so I knew I wanted his room to be fun and colorful. His favorite color is green so there was no other option but his room to be green! (a. a little bright for my personal liking but he adores it and b. he isn't going to have that huge TV in there forever we are going to be purchasing him a smaller one soon! His brothers are uber jealous!)

Oh, goodness, Zachary's room is full of roars and toys! When asking Zachary what he wanted in his new 'big boy room' he said boo and roar. I am still searching Pinterest and Etsy for art but I think it is coming along quite well!

So, there it is my favorite place on earth, my home! I hope you felt warm and welcomed as your read my post.

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