Friday, April 12, 2013

art wall

Art doesn't have to be perfect, in the lines, or even a picture.

It can be a sweet note, scribbles on lined paper, or a weekend project that the kiddos put their heart and soul into! I noticed my fridge was getting a little cluttered so I searched Pinterest high and low looking for inspiration for how to display my art and where.

These are some of the inspirations I came across!
Kids Art Wall

I decided I wanted it to be fun, bright, and changeable. So, I trekked to the basement and dug out all those old frames{you know the ones with cracked glass you save because you never know, or the ones with dust growing on them} and found all my paint and got busy painting! I also painted some clothes pins for super easy changeability! I hung all the art with 3-M {best thing EVER!}for 2 reasons I didn't have to put holes in the walls and if I have to change the arrangement when bigger art work comes in it would be easy as pie mmmm pie.

 When I was hanging it I noticed it needed a little something, something so then I started looking around on Etsy for some corky (and cheap) decor, hence the owl and butterflies! By adding old art the was in the basements' "maybe someday I'll reuse this" pile it gave it more of an eclectic look and reduced the pile! Creating tissue paper flowers was something Caleb and I did one snowy afternoon and it was the perfect touch to the wall! (gotta add some girl every now and then!)
I also added a few "S" letters:) The blue one we painted and the red chevron I got from here.
So, there you have it! My favorite wall in the ENTIRE house!!! I simply love our wall! I smile every time I walk by it! YAY for happy vibes!!!

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  1. I Love your art wall, it is so colorful! Found you via the Lets Get Social follower :)