Friday, June 14, 2013

braggin on my man

With Father's Day approaching {very rapidly} I figured there is no better time then to brag on my main squeeze, my hubs!


Jake doesn't like to brag on himself a lot so I am going to for him! He loves God with all he is! He made the tough choice to become a truly devoted follower when he was 16 {he made the choice to leave his family, a life of sin and regret to follow our forever Father}for a teenage that would be tough. He grew up a very rough life but out of all the crap went through he holds those he loves the closest and gives them his EVERYTHING. Jake is an outstanding father and I am honored God is having me share life with him and our children. I love the way he looks at our kids and tells them stories until he is blue in the face. With his health obstacles he may not be able to do 'normal' stuff with them but what he does do is more perfect. They will forever remember these precious moments with their daddy.
He is EXTEMELY intelligent and even tested on the 'genius level at school last year. He learns quickly and succeeds easily and I am so proud of him {considering he didn't even study for his GED and only went to school off and on 'til his Freshman year that is pretty great!}Hubs is such a hard worker {sometimes too hard workin'} and it makes me giddy to think he does that just for us. He is selfless beyond belief. I genuinely think that if he saw someone that needed his shoes, he'd give them to him, his shirt in a heart-beat. He cares. He loves Jesus. He loves me!

Jake is a self published author and is diligently working on his second book with a third in mind. Outcast is a magnificent novel that reaches many reading tastes. {romance, sy-fi, action packed}
"...death is the ultimate soldier, the equalizer of nations. Death is the fate that keeps things swaying, never in the same direction but always in equal motion." Kale had never thought himself a hero, nor had he ever considered himself brave, but when faced with the decision between giving up his own life or the lives of those that he cared for he discovered just what type of man he really was. His decision set him on a path through the darkest parts of his world and the deepest mysteries within himself to find redemption. Set in the mythical world of Telekkar, Outcast: A Sand Runner's Fate is a story about Kale, a young messenger who finds himself thrown into the path of two warring nations. Outcast: A Sand Runner's Fate explores the inner struggle of a hero and how one decision can shape the fate of an entire world."

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