Saturday, June 8, 2013

it's the journey

Over the past few months I have been trying to lose weight but having little success. I am down 12lbs but that changes all too often I yo-yo{ up 2lb, down .5, up 1lb, down 2} and have been for 3-4 weeks! VERY frustrating and discouraging. But, I am now finally motivated and determined to drop another 20-30lbs over the year and WILL do it!

Friday while getting ready it clicked that I am sabotaging myself; I eat really good for a few days and then cave to the desire to eat junk food, soda, have heavy snacks at night and not exercise,ever.

All, of these unhealthy habits are hurting my diet and my has to end. NOW! I have PCOS and being over weight makes it more pronounce and trying to conceive even harder. {who knows if we will have another but I don't need to make the odds of more difficult}And, my blood work showed I am at high risk in developing diabetes and lets face it no one wants that! {very prevalent in my family history too:( }

So, I set some alarms last night, posted them on instagram {for accountability}, to wake up at 5:50 and go and run! I didn't set any distance or extreme goals, lets face it I haven't 'ran' since I was 19!

And, I did it! I got up on the 1st alarm, got ready and took off 'running' {even if a turtle could've past me...I was still doing my best} I ran 1.25 miles and I am on cloud 9!

I am proud that I am doing this for my boys, hubs, and myself! I want to be healthy and active with them! I am so over sitting on the sidelines while life passes me by.

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