Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Momma's Chicken Surprise

Is there a meal that just reminds you of being a kid,sitting at the dinner table {or t.v. tray on the sofa} with your parents. It transports you to the biggest worry you had was which toy to play with after dinner, if you could stay up 5 minutes later, or if you could go to DQ for dessert! Well, Momma's Chicken Surprise does that to me!

Momma's Chicken Surprise

 {this meal is VERY flexible...3 chicken breast and potatoes feeds my family but you can add or take away to fit your needs...and mushrooms are delicious in this too!}
2-3 chicken breast cut into bit sizes
2-3 potatoes
1 bag of frozen broccoli {you could do fresh if preferred}
 garlic salt and pepper {or whatever your choice seasonings is}
non-stick cooking spray

Spray skillet with LOTS of non-stick cooking spray {this takes way the butter aspect}
Place cubed chicken in  hot skillet season desired amount

Cook on medium heat and cook until almost all pink is gone
Add diced potatoes and season and spray again
Cook until almost tender
Add broccoli and simmer away juices

And, enjoy!
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