Wednesday, June 12, 2013

life with a little less clutter, please!


This week has been insanely busy! like I can't think straight, my  head is spinning, baby is even sleep deprived busy! This week is VBS at our church, {of course, momma volunteered so we have to be there an hour early}so our days are super rushed trying to fit our 'normal' day in about 1/2 the time!
any folding volunteers?
4 loads of laundry that NEED folded, ironed, and put away!
Oh! and 3 more where that came from today!

And, it is fantastic pool weather so I'm trying to get us there as much as possible! {momma needs a sun tan...chubby looks much better tan}

This morning when my alarms went off I shut them down and went back to sleep. When I got up I felt like a failure...the first week and I'm already giving up! But, then I started thinking about how even thought we are swamped I still got up the other 4 days this week and DID IT! So what, if I needed a little extra sleep today, stress got to me and I needed to recoup!

So, back to the title of the post..."life with a little less clutter, please!" I tittle this because I was going to blog a mini series about cleaning out the clutter in all the hidden places in our home{the junk drawer, closet, dresser etc...} but after the craziness of this week I changed direction, it is going to be about cleaning out all the unnecessary 'crud' in our already busy lives{there may still be some cleaning the clutter in the home too...lets face that creates a lot of extra in our lives too}

For the next few weeks I'll be blogging about tips I am using to getting rid of 'life clutter' and 'stuff clutter' Join me as I try and simplify my life and create a peaceful living environment for my family!


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