Saturday, June 22, 2013

Our Father's Day shinanigans!

In typical Cindy fashion I forgot the camera on Saturday {bummer, I just picture it with me 3 kids, 4 adults in a car for 3 hours to visit Great-Grandpa and Grandma...}

So, Saturday we went to visit my grandparents and have dinner at my aunts! It is always so nice seeing my Grandma and Grandpa...takes me back to my childhood and the kiddos love going to see "mama Ree and papa John" too! My Grandma is battling cancer right now so she is very tired {please, pray for her} so while we were there I tried to keep the kids outside playing and get the energy out! Momma was WORE OUT and HOT when we were done! But, it was such a fun trip and it was entirely way to short!
the best picture captured Sunday:)

Then, on Sunday we celebrated at our house with my sis, brother in-law, and parents! It was perfect just hanging out at the house enjoying my hubs!

Jake got Duke for as an early present so of course in typical fashion he got something else too! {lets face it Duke likes me more so he is my dog now!} He has been wanting a new comfy office chair so that's what he wants! {what daddy wants, daddy gets sometimes}
daddy had some very eager helpers {notice the tiny tush looking all cute in BIG BOY undies!}

After a burger lunch with all the fixin' we just hung out and relaxed!

An AMAZING Father's day with all the important men in my life! perfect!

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