Saturday, June 8, 2013


It's time for another Dukedate:)

Duke is getting so big...this morning him and Bandit were sitting in similar positions and I noticed they are the same height! Holy moly! He is only 15 weeks old!

{Side story, we were taking him to the vet this weekend and out walks this 215 pound dog! Yay, you heard me right, 215lbs! that point I thought Duke was a lap dog!}

Duke has gone 4 days without an accident {or so I hope...otherwise I have a surprise I haven't found yet}
cheese, mom!

He is learning his name, what go outside means, and NO!

Duke is Zachary's best buddy, they follow each other around everywhere!

Dukedates are going to start being monthly! keep an eye out for one in July!

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